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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well this is my first WOYWW at Stamping Ground . I do start with an organised desk, then I just seem to get more and more toys out, have about three projects on the go at once and generally have a whale of a time !
 I've been having a play with Perfect Pearls again after watching Barbara of Clarity fame inspired me , as she always does . The punch ( which is actually too large ), I just had to buy after ruining Sundays attempt at Perfect Pearls when I used a post it circle to mask the moon on Adhesive sheets ! You guessed of course that the Post It was permanently stuck to my sheet ! Hey ho what do you do , you have another go using a moon punched out of waxed paper , which is of course removable ! Any who the end result isn't quite what I'm after but I'm getting there .
So tonight I'm going to have another go and we'll see what that brings ! 
Enjoy your evening.


  1. Welcome to WOYWW! Can we see what your next experiment turns out like, please? And why are you doing it on adhesive sheets?
    Helen S

    1. Thank you, I will post when I get the hang of it , you use the adhesive sheets so the Perfect Pearls powder sticks to the image. Have a good evening :-)

  2. Keep trying hun, practise makes perfect, and Barbara really parctices before she goes on air!!

  3. I start tidy then have an idea half way through one project so start another and another!!! Not sure I trust a tidy crafter anyway lol!!!

  4. Great - a busy desk, just what I like to see (makes me feel less guilty about mine :) Hope you enjoyed your first WOYWW, it's hard work hopping around all those blog isn't it? Takes me a few days!

  5. I start tidy........that could almost be a direct quote from most of us!!! Funny though, that you have more than one thing on the go, I simply can't do that....and considering that, my goodness, your desk looks tidy! Hope you've enjoyed the pearls and the wax paper....and ...it won't be the last time you use a post it when you shouldn't..I repeat my mistakes far too often!!

  6. Welcome to woyww and thanks for visiting my desk, it all becomes so addictive that your desk can actually stay very tidy!! Good luck with the perfect pearls always so pretty when worked on a project.


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