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Sunday, 26 February 2012

"Liebster Blog Award"

I'm thrilled to bits to have been chosen for this award . Thank you so much  Isobel from Isobels creations 
"Liebster " is German for "dearest" and the idea is to spread the love from one small blog ( under 200 followers) to another.This helps to spread the knowledge and readership.I now nominate 5 blogs that I appreciate and value. TO ACCEPT THE AWARD YOU MUST 1. Link back to the person who gave you the award and thank them for thinking of you 2. Post the award badge to your blog 3. Give the award to 5 blogs ( under 200 followers) YOU appreciate and value 4. Leave a comment on each of your chosen blogs to let them know you've given it to them. MY 5 CHOSEN BLOGS ARE :-

okienurse's Paper and Ink Therapy  I found Okienurses blog through WOYWW ( What's on your workspace Wednesday) She has a busy desk and lots of colour I'm sure you'll love her blog !

SCRAPPNBEE THE SCRAPBOOKER Scrappnbee is also a WOYWW blog . Another busy lady with lots of great stuff on her blog , go looky see.

KIM X Yes Kim is also someone I found on WOYWW . Kim has a lovely blog to I get lots of inspiration from what she does with her Clarity stamps . I'm a big fan of Clarity !

Whats This Then ?? "Of course Whats This Then ?" I also found through WOYWW ! More beautiful cards on a lovely blog !

Scrapadelia Where did I find Scrapadelia you ask ? On WOYWW of course ! Stephanies workspace is fab full of all sorts of goodies , I'd love to play at her desk. A lovely blog full of lots of fabby scrapbook pages !

Thanks again Isobel have a great day

P xxx


  1. Hi Pauline, you will never know just how much I needed this today, I am sitting here in tears writing this.
    Thanks again, it may take me a little while to add my links but I do really thank you.
    hugs Kimx

  2. Hi Pauline, I'm so sorry that I still haven't managed to publicly acknowledge your kind award, you must think me incredibly rude.
    If you have been following my blog you will have seen what has gone on just lately, so to honest I don't want to potentially drag any other unsuspecting blogs into it, so I think that perhaps it would be better if you gave your award to someone else.
    I am incredibly honoured by your kind gesture, and hope that you wont think any the less of me for my refusal.
    Hugs Kimx

  3. Kim I don't think you rude at all . That's not a problem I totally understand . Take care


Thanks so much for your comments , it's so exciting to get them :-)


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